Advanced Dental Technologies for Your Comfort and Convenience

In addition to making dentistry more efficient and predictable for us, advancements in dental technology also make your experience as a patient more comfortable, convenient, and effective! At Pure Dental in Jamaica Plain, we will completely change the way you think about going to the dentist.


Digital X-rays


We take digital X-rays during our dental exams because many problems with the teeth and surrounding tissues cannot be seen with the unaided eye. Digital X-rays are more comfortable for you as a patient than traditional X-rays, and they are also faster, with the images being available to be viewed within seconds. They also require no chemical processing and emit up to 90% less radiation traditional X-rays. This makes digital X-rays the smart choice for you and the environment.

Intraoral Photography

Intraoral Photography

Our digital cameras are customized to take high-quality, high-resolution photos of your teeth and gums. Like digital X-rays, digital photographs are a useful diagnostic and patient education tool because these photos not only enable us to identify problem areas like a cracked tooth or a a broken filling, but they also allow us to visually guide you through your diagnosis and treatment options. We think it is important that you feel in control of your oral health.

Isolite® System


At Pure Dental, we believe the happiest dental patients are the ones who feel relaxed and comfortable in the dental chair – that's why we utilize the Isolite® System during certain dental treatments. The Isolite System allows us unobstructed access to your teeth. With Isolite, you don't have to strain to keep your mouth open the entire time because the system has a built-in bite block that allows you to comfortably rest your jaw while keeping your mouth open at all times.  The Isolite System also illuminates your mouth from the inside so we can see all areas of your mouth without shadows obstructing our view. The best part of the Isolite System is that it lets you sit back, relax, and listen to music on our Bose® noise-canceling headphones. You can leave all the work to us!

Dental Magnification Loupes

Magnification Loupes

Dental magnification loupes are glasses that your dentist and dental hygienist at Pure Dental wear while we examine and treat your teeth and gums. These specialized glasses allow us to provide you with the highest quality results in all dental procedures. Needless to say, we work in a very small area so proper magnification and illumination are key in obtaining the accuracy and precision that you and your family deserve.

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